Remember that first person who saw the potential in you, recognized your talent, listened, reflected with you, and helped you open the heavy doors when you were at the very start of your career?

Could it be your turn to be that person now?


We are looking for seven mentor volunteers to support AIDA’s employees build their careers in Finland, their new home country. 

AIDA impact mentor programme will run for a year during which the mentors will meet up with our team members ∼8-10 times. You will define the goals for the collaboration together. The goals can range from recognizing strengths and talents to mapping work opportunities and providing concrete support with job application processes. The goals might also have to do with other issues of integration in the Finnish society. The number one aim is that the mentor programme becomes a valuable learning experience for both the mentors and the mentees.

This is the first AIDA mentor project! Please join us in this mission to build a more diverse Finland and do something meaningful together in this pioneering project.


At AIDA, we still wish to do more in terms of supporting our team members’ integration and career opportunities in Finland, but we need your help with this mission. AIDA often provides the first opportunity for work in a new country (see more about AIDA and about our impact work). However, after several years of working at AIDA, many of our team members would have capabilities to work in their respective fields as well as passion for taking on new challenges. Unfortunately, the gates to working life in Finland are sturdy and the keys are not handed out to non-natives easily.

According to research, Finland is notorious for being one of the most difficult countries to find employment if you are a woman and/or a mother with an immigrant background (OECD, 2018). Nearly 60% of women with immigrant backgrounds fall outside the working life (EMN report 2022). This is not only unfair, but also a lost opportunity for the whole Finnish society. We just cannot afford to keep on failing when it comes to integration.

Join us in the first steps of making the corporate life in Finland more diverse, inclusive and competitive.

You can become an AIDA mentor, if

  • You are genuinely excited about and committed to building a more diverse and equal Finland and meeting new people.
  • As a person you see opportunities rather than problems and you are solution-orinted
  • You are able to meet face-to-face 8-10 times during 2023 in the Helsinki area. The meetings will take place at AIDA’s studio (in Punavuori) or at a place of your choice
  • You have networks in the Finnish corporate world, third sector, or in the medical field. (Note: networks are the key, your own work need not be in these fields or sectors)
  • You are able to communicate in English. Other useful languages: Farsi, Russian, Ukrainian, and Arabic
  • Prior experience of mentoring is not required. We will provide you with the necessary tools and support

What we offer

  • Strengthening both the mentees’ and the mentors’ skills and knowhow/professional profile
  • Invitations to AIDA’s exclusive events, arranged particularly for the attendees of the mentoring programme
  • Inspiring encounters with other members of the AIDA community
  • An opportunity to have an impact and do something meaningful together

Next steps

  • Mentor call closes 15 January, 2023.
  • Applicants will be notified by January 31, 2023. 
  • Mentorship programme starts in February and continues for the year of 2023. 

How to apply

Are you interested? Please leave your contact info and a short description of your background. All the applications are handled with confidence. In all the questions please contact Elina Siira,

We hope to hear from you!