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The Bigger Boot Collection

The Bigger Boot Collection

We are happy to be collaborating with human rights activist, author and poet Natalia Kallio. The Bigger Boot pendant is inspired by Natalia's first book "She Needs Bigger Boots", and it's based on a 3D model and sketches of Natalia's very own boots. These boots were the original inspiration behind her book, and the pendant is a symbol for you to carry and remind you to always choose the bigger boots.

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The Bigger Boot Necklace Mini 14k GoldThe Bigger Boot Necklace Mini 14k Gold
The Bigger Boot Necklace Mini SilverThe Bigger Boot Necklace Mini Silver
The Bigger Boot NecklaceThe Bigger Boot Necklace
The Bigger Boot Necklace Sale priceFrom $133.00 USD
The Bigger Bigger Boot XLThe Bigger Bigger Boot XL
The Bigger Bigger Boot XL Sale price$388.00 USD