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Our sustainability promise is to continuously find ways to work more consciously as a brand. We are committed to making our products durable, using as much recycled materials as possible, and improving the transparency of our supply chain.



When working in the fashion industry, there is always room for improvement in terms of sustainability. At AIDA, we are constantly searching and testing more responsible materials. Currently, all AIDAs are made of natural materials. We use silk, recycled silver and gold, shells, freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, and hemp thread.

Sustainability is one of the reasons we have been focusing on pearls instead of mined stones, as their ecological footprint is by far smaller. Further, pearls only grow in non-polluted waters, so pearl farming might prove to be a path to overcoming biodiversity loss.

Currently, the metal parts of the AIDA Classics are made almost entirely out of recycled gold and silver. Along with AIDA Classics, our aim is to bring more limited-edition collections that utilise interesting vintage materials. This is something we have been doing already, and hunting for local treasures from various places has been a challenging yet a rewarding adventure. 

Supply chain

Supply chain transparency is a critical step towards a more ethical and ecological business. Once consumers know the journeys products make, it is easier to make more conscious choices. At AIDA, we are building direct connections to our raw material suppliers. Still, there is a lot more to be done when it comes to our environmental impact.

We would like to encourage all consumers to have a dialogue with brands: ask about the origins of the materials, and about the process of production. This will urge us brands to offer sustainable and ethical fashion and to find more creative ways in this quest.

Here are listed some of our main sources of materials:

Akoya Pearls, Uwajima, Japan

Freshwater Pearls, Zhejiang province, China

Silver and Gold, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Amulets, Kouvola, Finland

Glass Beads, Murano, Italy

We also use recycled beads as much as possible.

Most of the metal pieces come from RJC certified factory using recycled raw materials.