Pearls and Wine -private events


Pearls and Wine -private events

Pearls and Wine -private events are the perfect way to celebrate with your colleagues, friends and family. 

The events take place at AIDA's own studio in the heart of Punavuori (Pursimiehenkatu 21) at a time most convenient to you, with the people you choose. All the events are private for your group. We take groups of min. 5 and a max of 10, which the space comfortably accommodates. Language options for the events: Finnish/English/Arabic/Farsi. Please note, we have a selection of non-alcoholic wines available too.

So that you would have the evening you have dreamed of, we offer two types of events:

Private Design Workshop

    1. To whom: To those of us, who enjoy designing jewellery and enjoying quality wines on the side. In the Workshop event AIDA Impact's staff guide you on the materials available and on the basic principles of designing your own jewellery (you can also design a jewellery gift). Our staff takes care of serving you wines and small snacks through out the evening.  
    2. When: The event lasts for 2h on a date and time you choose at booking.
    3. How much: we do not charge a booking fee for the space. You only pay for the jewellery you make and the drinks and snacks you enjoy. E.g. Jewellery from 54€, snacks from 3€ and wines from 9€. 


    If you need any help in designing your event or finding the right form of event for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Important information:

    Wine and Snacks

    Wines have been chosen on the bases of organic and/or biodynamic agricultural and production methods, including a more unique bushwine and wine from a vineyard run by a woman, still an unfortunate rarity in the wine world. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available, including e.g. non-alcoholic wines as well as carefully selected sodas. Snacks offered include e.g. sweet olives and tapenade, locally baked bread and artisan produced chips. 

    A number of options for people following vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets are readily available, but in case of serious allergies or intolerances please be in touch when booking. Please note! Products containing gluten and gluten-free ones are handled in the same space and thus cross-contamination can not be fully promised, even though we will do everything we can to prevent such.


    Unfortunately, the space is not accessible for wheelchair users through a ramp, but if lifting the chair is possible, then everything is possible. Please call us to discuss in more detail.

    Age limit

    As alcohol is served in the premises during the events, all participants must be 18-years or older. Please be prepared to show a proof of age with an official identity card with your picture (e.g. passport or driving license).


    (Please note the passport is not in use at the moment) To ensure a worry free event and the health and safety of all, these events will be accessible only with a valid COVID-19 passport. At entry, please be prepared to show your EU Digital COVID Certificate, which is available in the My Kanta Pages (a vaccination certificate, a test certificate or a certificate of recovery). The Certificate is also available as a paper version from the healthcare service. 

    Please come only when feeling healthy!


    Should you have to cancel your reservation, you must do so 5 days prior to the day of the event. To cancel, you must immediately contact If you cancel your booking for the entire group less than 5 days prior to the event, a cancellation fee of 100€ will be charged. If you fall ill, we are happy to find you a new date for the event.

    What is AIDA?

    AIDA Impact is a jewellery brand that seeks to create sustainable and measurable social impact.

    Our mission is twofold. For our customers, we offer beauty and joy through our high-quality, fine craftmanship jewellery that is made of natural materials in Helsinki. For our employees – who are immigrant and refugee women, and mostly mothers – we provide a gateway to working life, and a network in a new country.

    AIDA is founded, run, and owned by women.

    We are open to company and organisation collaborations. So far, we have worked with Startup Refugees, Flow Festival, Nordea, Suomen Pakolaisapu, Ruskeat Tytöt, Monika-Naiset liitto ry, and Hotel St. George, Noli Studios, Hotel F6, Klaus K Hotel.


    Our story

    AIDA impact was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in spring 2018. The brand was designed for optimists, change makers, and dreamers. For people who value social justice, and share our respect for diversity and appreciation of beauty. 

    In two years, AIDA has grown into a company that has provided work for 18 women, most of which are immigrant and refugee women from various backgrounds. We have found many skilled employees with the help of Startup Refugees.

    One of the original questions that kicked off AIDA was: could a pair of earrings change the world – even just a little bit? Elina Siira, the founder and CEO of AIDA Impact describes the birth-process of the company as follows:

    “I have been making jewellery all my life. I made my first pieces at the age of three or four. But then life happened and suddenly there was no more time for creativity — until my maternity leave in 2017. Motherhood also made me reflect upon my privileges; I was spending time at home with my baby in a safe country, with all the possible support around. I felt like I had won the birth lottery, unlike many others. I wanted to do something and spread the good.

    At the same time, most European countries were receiving many new immigrants, and the public discussion on the topic was quite heated.  I was reflecting a lot on the fact that my own mother is an immigrant, and when I was a baby, she was in a new country, trying to learn the language and to eventually find her own place in the working life. Finding one’s place and a network in a foreign country is not easy for anyone, but it is particularly difficult for immigrant and refugee mothers. Motherhood as it is, can be hard and oftentimes lonely work.

     I wanted to do something, no matter how small, that would somehow address this problem. I wanted to combine my love for making jewellery, my motherhood, my business background and my hope to make positive social impact. AIDA was born.”


    Why Jewellery?

    No one needs Jewellery. Nevertheless, people have been wearing jewellery consistently across space and time, religions, cultures and gender. The earliest known jewellery was actually created by Neanderthal, circa 40 000 – 50 00 years ago. The use of gems was also conspicuous in many ancient cultures. Perhaps this has to do with our need for self-expression, perhaps with our self-adornment.

    Jewellery can bring up memories and have sentimental value, as it is often passed on from parents to children. Sometimes it is simply our longing for aesthetics that makes us wear jewellery. Do you have those days when you look into the mirror and, for some reason, feel gloomy or plain and decide to wear gorgeous statement earrings? A piece of jewellery can also represent a new start, hope, independency, or to reflect your values. Some jewellery can even change lives.

    At AIDA Impact, we would like to believe that jewellery can have a positive impact on the society and that it can, indeed, change lives. It certainly has transformed ours.



    AIDA team in the Summer of 2018

    Some AIDA team members; Fatima, Dhuha, Sarwa and the kids in Kallio, Helsinki, in April 2019.

    Some AIDA team members and friends of AIDA at a photoshoot in Summer 2020

    Elina, the founder of AIDA and her baby in the early spring of 2018.



    We know that invincible feeling when wearing your favourite jewellery and we want your go to pieces to last you for years to come.

    Here is how to care for your AIDA jewellery so it will last you as long as possible:



    At AIDA we use silver, 9ct and 18ct gold as our metals. Pieces made of 9ct or 18ct gold do not tarnish, but to preserve the colour of our other metals it is best to remove your jewellery before showering, exercising or sleeping. Clean metals with warm, soapy water.

    The best way to store metals is keeping different materials separately to avoid tarnishing. It is best to store metal jewellery in their own pouch or bag or a jewellery box with different compartments. All our jewellery pieces contain jump rings for safety, which should be tightened every couple of years to avoid losing your jewellery.



    Avoid getting pearls wet, remove them before showing, exercising or sleeping. Clean your pearls with a damp cloth, lukewarm water and mild soap only as needed.Do not use water that is too hot or cold. Never soak pearls in water.

    Avoid harsh chemicals like hairspray and detergent. Store pearls in a box or pouch where they get moisture. Do not store pearls in airtight conditions such as plastic bags as they will start to lose their shine.



    Avoid getting your silk earrings wet, remove them before exercise, showering or sleeping. Store silks carefully, preferably in their own boxes. Do not pull on the tassles. Loose strands may be gently snipped away with scissors if needed.

    You may gently iron the silk tassels on the lowest setting of your iron and under a cotton t-shirt if needed.

    If you have any questions about taking care of your AIDA pieces, do not hesitate to contact us at



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