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What? AIDA Impact's book tells the story behind AIDA Impact and invites you into a conversation about our social mission employment model. The book includes interviews with AIDA Impact employees, expert articles on employment, and answers to questions about immigration and employment that are not dared to be spoken aloud. The book is a practical and open guide about AIDA Impact’s learnings from the past 6 years, and it brings a perspective of real experiences into the DEI field.

To whom? To everybody who is interested in the AIDA story and the real-life experiences of immigrants living in Finland. To entrepreneurs and decision-makers who want to build more diverse and competitive companies. To politicians who are currently making decisions affecting immigration policy in Finland.

Why? We want to share practical lessons learned and encourage the employment of immigrants in Finland. We want to open conversation about real experiences and difficult topics. We believe that a more diverse and equal Finland is better for everyone. When significant political decisions on immigration are made, we want to take part and bring our experience together with the experts in this field.

The book is currently only available in Finnish.

AIDA Book Sale price€12,00 EUR