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AIDA mentoring programme

This festive season, give the most meaningful gift – your time. 

Remember that (first) person who saw the potential in you, recognized your talent, listened, reflected with you, and helped you open the heavy doors when you were at the very start of your career?

Could it be your turn to be that person now?

We are looking for seven mentor volunteers to support AIDA’s employees build their careers in Finland, their new home country. 

At AIDA, we still wish to do more in terms of supporting our team members’ integration and career opportunities in Finland, but we need your help with this mission. AIDA often provides the first opportunity for work in a new country. However, after several years of working at AIDA, many of our team members would have capabilities to work in their respective fields as well as passion for taking on new challenges. Unfortunately, the gates to working life in Finland are sturdy and the keyes are not handed out to non-natives easily.

According to research, Finland is notorious for being one of the most difficult countries to find employment if you are a woman and/or a mother with an immigrant background (OECD, 2018). Nearly 60% of women with immigrant backgrounds fall outside the working life. This is but unfair, also a lost opportunity for the whole Finnish society. We just cannot afford to keep on failing when it comes to integration. Join us in the first steps of making the corporate life in Finland more diverse, inclusive and competitive.

Please apply in English or Finnish.