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AIDA impact 2020

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RT X AIDA NecklaceRT X AIDA Necklace
RT X AIDA Necklace Sale priceFrom €75,00
RT X AIDA EarringsRT X AIDA Earrings
RT X AIDA Earrings Sale priceFrom €65,00
AIDA impact GiftcardAIDA impact Giftcard
AIDA impact Giftcard Sale priceFrom €55,00
Luna Necklace, 9ct gold and silverLuna Necklace, 9ct gold and silver
Luna Necklace, 9ct gold and silver Sale priceFrom €100,00
Drop NecklaceDrop Necklace
Drop Necklace Sale priceFrom €89,00
Bubble EarringsBubble Earrings
Bubble Earrings Sale priceFrom €110,00
Eternal Necklace 9ct GoldEternal Necklace 9ct Gold
Eternal Necklace 9ct Gold Sale priceFrom €135,00
Private Design HourPrivate Design Hour
Private Design Hour Sale price€0,00
Petite Pearl NecklacePetite Pearl Necklace
Petite Pearl Necklace Sale price€220,00
aida impact gemini pearl necklace silver gold gemma mediaaida impact gemini pearl necklace silver gold gemma media
Gemma x AIDA Gemini Necklace Sale priceFrom €115,00
Akoya PearlAkoya Pearl
Akoya Pearl Sale price€35,00
Akoya 2.0 Pearl NecklaceAkoya 2.0 Pearl Necklace
Akoya 2.0 Pearl Necklace Sale priceFrom €110,00
The Dream PendantThe Dream Pendant
The Dream Pendant Sale priceFrom €69,00
Petite Earrings 9ct GoldPetite Earrings 9ct Gold
Petite Earrings 9ct Gold Sale price€124,00
Seashell x Akoya earringsSeashell x Akoya earrings
Seashell x Akoya earrings Sale price€125,00
Seashell Hoop Earrings
Seashell Hoop Earrings Sale priceFrom €69,00
Seashell Necklace GoldSeashell Necklace Gold
Seashell Necklace Gold Sale price€98,00
The Evil Eye NecklaceThe Evil Eye Necklace
The Evil Eye Necklace Sale price€105,00
Layla Baroque EarringsLayla Baroque Earrings
Layla Baroque Earrings Sale priceFrom €100,00
Iris tiny braceletIris tiny bracelet
Iris tiny bracelet Sale priceFrom €120,00
Akoya Choker NecklaceAkoya Choker Necklace
Akoya Choker Necklace Sale priceFrom €170,00
aida impact layla pearl choker necklace silver goldaida impact layla pearl choker necklace silver gold
Layla Baroque Necklace Sale price€290,00
Ivory Large NecklaceIvory Large Necklace
Ivory Large Necklace Sale price€239,00
Milah hook earrings, 18ct gold and silverMilah hook earrings, 18ct gold and silver
Guardian Necklace silver and gold-platedGuardian Necklace silver and gold-plated
Tiny Love NecklaceTiny Love Necklace
Tiny Love Necklace Sale priceFrom €110,00
Guardian Necklace 9ct goldGuardian Necklace 9ct gold
Guardian Necklace 9ct gold Sale priceFrom €155,00
Dream Necklace with Pearls
Dream Necklace with Pearls Sale priceFrom €150,00
The Bigger Boot Necklace GoldThe Bigger Boot Necklace Gold
The Bigger Boot Necklace Gold Sale price€125,00
The Bigger Boot Necklace SilverThe Bigger Boot Necklace Silver
The Bigger Boot EarringsThe Bigger Boot Earrings
The Bigger Boot Earrings Sale priceFrom €115,00
Luna Fest EarringsLuna Fest Earrings
Luna Fest Earrings Sale priceFrom €179,00
Chunky HoopsChunky Hoops
Chunky Hoops Sale priceFrom €52,00
Malka EarringsMalka Earrings
Malka Earrings Sale priceFrom €89,00
Pearl AnkletPearl Anklet
Pearl Anklet Sale price€72,00
Lina Earrings GoldLina Earrings Gold
Lina Earrings Gold Sale price€99,00
Dream EarringsDream Earrings
Dream Earrings Sale priceFrom €110,00
Dream Necklace GoldDream Necklace Gold
Dream Necklace Gold Sale price€119,00
Seashell Necklace SilverSeashell Necklace Silver
Seashell Necklace Silver Sale price€89,00
aida impact magda pearl choker necklace silver goldMagda Pearl Necklace
Magda Pearl Necklace Sale price€220,00
Magda BraceletMagda Bracelet
Magda Bracelet Sale price€120,00
Ebba Pearl NecklaceEbba Pearl Necklace
Ebba Pearl Necklace Sale price€125,00
Lola Earrings WhiteLola Earrings White
Lola Earrings White Sale price€125,00
Lola Earrings SeafoamLola Earrings Seafoam
Lola Earrings Seafoam Sale price€130,00
Espresso BraceletEspresso Bracelet
Espresso Bracelet Sale price€92,00
Ivory Large Earrings 9ct GoldIvory Large Earrings 9ct Gold
Ivory Large Earrings 9ct Gold Sale price€124,00
Gemma x AIDA Gemini Necklace BlueGemma x AIDA Gemini Necklace Blue
aida impact petite pearl stud earrings silver goldaida impact petite pearl stud earrings silver gold
Petite Studs Sale price€95,00