Entrepreneurship and lessons learnt

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful opportunity to tell AIDA's story and the lessons learnt from becoming an entrepreneur at the Aalto Venture's Thought Leaders Talk Program. You can now see the video online here.

Here are some of the lessons learnt in a nutshell:

1. Working is the best business school for aspiring entrepreneurs. But you don’t need to wait for the perfect job or “calling”, meanwhile it’s better just to do something.

2. And remember, your first business idea may not be the best one. (I was already in the process of starting a porridge bar until I realised that I actually hate cooking and I'm not much of a chef.)

3. Life is too short to fulfill other peoples’ dreams. But finding your own dreams may require time and effort.

4. There will be more work and difficulties in running a business than you could have imagined. However, when there is meaning behind your work, you have much more capacity in you than you could have predicted.

5. If you are in the old school business, be careful with your costs. Focus on building great products or services, not just raising money.

6. Be kind to yourself and others. Choosing empathy is a strategic decision and also good for your business.

7. Remember you are not your company, don’t build your identity on a brand. You are so much more.

If you have any questions or ideas in mind, please don't hesitate to contact me at elina@aidaimpact.com.



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